UppCad installation

To install UppCad you must download the installer from download page and execute it.
Here we'll give some hints on the supported platforms.
UppCad has been developed on Windows 7 and tested on all versions from 7 up to 10.

The only problems that may arise are due to some antivirus applications, which may block the installer assuming erroneously that it's a virus; in particular, Avira antivirus is known to give many false positives, and Norton Antivirus often identifies every not well-known executable as "probable virus".
In such cases, the only solution is to temporarly disable the antivirus or add an exception for UppCadInstaller.exe executable.
If you want to be sure you can always do a deep scan of the executable before running it; we develop ALL our executables in a virtual machine not connetted to internet, so it's almost impossible that they contain a virus.

Another possible (quite rare) problem is the Firewall blocking access to internet, which makes impossible for the installer to download the application.
You can see this if the installer gives an error just after the install confirmation, after pressing 'Ok' button.
Here too, the only solution is to temporary disable the firewall or to add an exception for UppCadInstaller.exe executable.

To remove UppCad application from you computer use the control panel.

By now the UppCad application is available ONLY for Ubuntu Linux 18.04, 64 bit version. In future we'll provide more versions, depending on customers requests.
You can try to install it on other linux platforms (they MUST be 64 bit platforms); at most the application won't run, withiut doing any harms to your system.
To remove the application on linux it's enough to open a terminal inside the folder containing the installer and issue following command::

./UppCadInstaller --UNINSTALL

The command will completely remove the application from system.